What is CyberLite?

A weekly email giving you quick, simple and accessible news from the world of cybersecurity.

Each week I’ll break down the most recent news and help you understand what it all means. New issues are released on Tuesday mornings.

Who’s this for?

If you want to learn about what’s going in the world of cybersecurity, but your not an industry veteran and can’t sit through page after page of technical jargon - then this is for you. Whether you're new to the industry, work in another area of tech, or are just curious about cybersecurity.

Who am I?

I’m a recent Computer Science graduate now working as a cybersecurity consultant. I’m passionate about anything that impacts the human experience and the impact of technology only continues to grow. I gravitated towards cybersecurity because of how integral it is to enabling technological innovation. If we want to keep pushing the boundaries of technology we have to be mindful of the risks, and I want to help society navigate them.

If you want to stay up to date with my work and everything I’m doing you can follow me on social media:

olikitchin.com | Twitter | Linkedin | Medium | Email

Why did I start this newsletter?

Whilst I was applying for jobs in cybersecurity I set out to try and be as informed as possible about everything going on in the industry. The result was that I found myself absolutely swamped by information, constantly struggling to know what was important and impactful. I was also frequently overwhelmed by all the technical jargon that’s constantly thrown around. I want to help make cybersecurity more accessible and exciting for everyone, by providing a short, simple resource for staying informed.

What my readers say

I’m new to the world of cyber and these articles are so well done and easy to read that it’s helping me better understand the world of Cybersecurity and the real world threats that exist. The time and effort that you put into this is evident and greatly appreciated. I look forward to reading this every week.
As someone who is starting their journey into cyber security I want to say thank you. This is a great and easily digestible news roundup of the latest events in cyber security and I look forward to the next issue.
Great work Oli, very useful resource!
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